Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Easy Garden Fresh Tomato Paste

Are you enjoying the difficulty of not knowing what to do with all the tomatoes that are being harvested from your garden? Try making this easy tomato paste. We use just the plain paste for our garden chili (recipe to come soon for that). However, you can add garlic or herbs to the paste for more flavors and pizzaz!


First, clean off 17-20 tomatoes. You can use any variety, I happened to use Health Kick Plum tomatoes.

Now to easily take the skin off the tomatoes you will need to bring a pot of water to a boil, drop tomatoes in there and let sit in the boiling water for a minute. Then place tomatoes in a bowl of ice water.

When cool enough to touch, cut the top of the tomato and take skin off. It should easily be taken off. If not, you can always slice it.

Squeeze out seeds into bowl and place skinless tomatoes in blender.

Blend until smooth. There should be no chunks.

I don't mind any remnant seeds in my paste, but you can run paste through a colander to catch last of the seeds and chunks. Pour paste in jar and save in refrigerator for your next recipe!

It makes about 14 ounces, but you may have more or less depending on size of tomatoes.

If you want to make the paste thicker, simply cook it in a pot until the paste reaches your desired thickness.

The first thing I noticed about the paste was the color. It wasn't that bright red you find at stores, rather a fresh, soft red. Makes you think about all the chemicals they add to sauces to create the color!

Hope you enjoy the simple recipe!

Nancy Jane

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