Meet the Gray Ladies

Three women of Christ trying to live a mostly organic lifestyle 
in the middle of a conventionally farmed Walnut Orchard. 
Mother Judith is a God centered woman who strives to take care of her family. She loves God, her husband, children, and gardening. With the Bible in one hand and a shovel in another she takes on life.

K.E.G. is on the path of healing after an unfortunate car accident left her with a traumatic brain injury. Every day she continues on the uphill battle of healing with God as a cane and her family as support. She loves to destroy weeds, pet Moxy cat, take care of her pug Poe, and minister to people.

Nancy Jane is a professional musician who is also a farm girl. She is said to live a mullet lifestyle; gardening during the day with her boots on and teaching flute/piano by night with her heals on. Though she wants a mostly organic lifestyle, she dates a man who is learning how pesticides help farming.

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