Friday, May 23, 2014

The Ailing Pug & Peppermint Oil

Yes, she can look more pathetic.
Poe the Pug holds a special spot in our hearts.
We adore each of our dogs equally, however, Poe is a little unique.
Though she has wild dreams of being tough and rowdy...
She's really a wimp.
Our big farm dogs fight off trespassers and foes!
If we let Poe out, she'd be devoured in five minutes.
Thus the life of a city dog in the country.
Recently, Poe began having the classic pug breathing problem. In order to relieve her distress, we rubbed peppermint oil on her. It helped open up the sinuses and eased the breathing problems.
*Important! Before applying peppermint to you or your dog's skin, make sure to test your skin reaction to the oil!*
Just apply a few drops of oil to your hand, avoiding the dog's eyes, spread oil around face. You will notice your puppy breathing easier.

We apply this at every meal time. It really helps her out...although she still snores when she sleeps!

Nancy Jane

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