Friday, January 30, 2015

Jiffy Tomato Greenhouse Update No. 1

As the name entails, the tomatoes are thriving in the green house. They are sprouting tall...almost too tall as some are toppling over! I had to remove the lid of the greenhouse due to their height. Almost every pellet grew a tomato except for one!

On account of the lid being removed, the pellets are not retaining water as well. So frequent watering is required since the liquid is being evaporated so rapidly.

However, peppers are taking a tad bit longer to pop up. I peaked inside one of the pellets to see if there was any action, and the little guys are waking up. The ones that were planted two and half weeks ago are finally showing their tiny green heads, the other container planted a week ago has minimal action. Hopefully soon more will come.

So far the product has been quite successful. It works extremely well for tomatoes, I would definitely recommend this product for anyone starting those seeds. The peppers are not as prosperous yet, although I am getting some results.

I'll be continuing to update you all on my new way of starting seeds.

Spring is on the horizon, soon my little vegetable babies will be cradled in the warm soil basking in the sunlight.

Nancy Jane

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