Monday, January 5, 2015

Lady of the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store may be the most amazing place ever.

Holiday decorations, tin pans, prune juice, battery powered candles, cookies; the store has a limitless supply of fantasticness.

Though we've had some bugaboos, such as plastic tasting cheese, we don't hold grudges.

A day came upon us that Mother Judith and I decided give the magical land our annual visit. We were walking along the frozen food and plastic kitchen utensil aisle when all the sudden a hand came upon Mother Judith. An older lady with a red wig spoke to us in a secretive tone to follow her, she needed to show us something.

Blindly we followed her down the automotive section when suddenly the crew was at a halt.

She finally revealed her secret.

"These towels are the best towels you will ever use. I made sure to call ahead to see if they had them in stock. They go so quickly!"

I looked at Mother Judith with bewilderment, neither of us knew how to react. Each of us made a pleasant remark about the towels and I reached up to grab one.

"Oh you are grabbing the wrong ones! Reach further back."

So I searched and searched until the softest white towels graced my hands. Two seemed like the perfect amount to grab. In my mind we didn't really want them, but only grabbing one seemed rude.

"You must take more!"

Before long, six fluffy white towels could be found in the basket.

The Lady proceeded to tell us her life story.

She doesn't go to church, however she has seen Jesus personally. Her niece had 13 brain surgeries which brought tears to our eyes. How she stole a rock on top of the Parthenon. She spoke of her now deceased husband. And about the leather purse her friend made her. Then the stories began to go on repeat. We just smiled and listened to her adventures.

Finally the moment of escape came upon us.

We sneaked away in an opposite direction, until she was out of sight. However, we needed to check out and that was the direction she went.

I decided to scout the grounds to see if it was safe. She was older and could not move quickly.

To my disbelief she disappeared.

Gone. Like some magical visitor, we almost thought her an Angel.

We wish to thank the Lady of the Dollar Store for sharing her precious secret; the towels are amazing. In fact, Mother Judith gave some away for Christmas gifts. We hope to see her again someday in Heaven.

You never know what will happen on your day out of shopping.

Nancy Jane & Mother Judith

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