Saturday, June 21, 2014

Planting a Plethora of Pumpkins

Today is the first day of Summer! Which means pumpkin planting time, my favorite time of the year!

The obsession of growing pumpkins started two years ago when I moved home. We had some old seeds and I needed something productive to do.
Who knew this would start a pumpkin mania...
The first variety grown was Musque de Provence. Boy were they absolutely stunning! We did not expect the seeds to all germinate. So when they were sown, a lot were put in the ground. That year I ended up with over 30 was out of control!
We were told to plant pumpkins by an old gardener by the 4th of July. This is why we start in June just in case it takes a while for them to sprout or if replanting is needed. Last year the weather made it hard for the seeds to develop, so they ended up not popping up until the end of July. Which meant I didn't get any pumpkins until the end of October. Boo!
This year I am growing Cinderella's Carriage, Jack Be Little, Sugar Pumpkins, and Triple Treat. One for looks, one for cuteness, another one for eatin', and one for carvin'. Well, there are culinary plans for all of them.

The hardiness and beauty of pumpkins make them incredibly attractive to grow. Nothing beats homemade pies made from freshly picked pumpkins.

K.E.G likes to say that hot off the press garden pumpkins add some pizazz to the land.

Now get to planting your pumpkins!
Nancy Jane   

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