Monday, February 10, 2014

Make your Valentines Sweet With Some Beets: Flourless Chocolate Beet Cake


Do beets in cakes sound like an alien idea? At first yes, but once you remember how sweet that root is, the suggestion sounds plausible. Once you taste the cake, you become a true believer in beets. What can the veggie not do? The combination of chocolate and beets is delicious. And for my gluten free friends, the recipe is flourless. It is a delightful recipe, a perfect substitute for the classic chocolate cake on your Valentine Day date. The recipe can be found here at

A few tips from my attempt to make the recipe. I did not use the frosting recipe the author recommended, rather just used powdered sugar. Also, the almond flour was not available in my town, so instead I used King Arthur Gluten Free Flour. Which can be found in Target's gluten free section. For the beets I used canned, since we were low on stock for fresh ones. Worked just as well.

The center will be jiggly when finished, it makes the center very moist and delectable. Don't hesitate when you pull it out of the oven and the center moves a bit.

Please let us know if you try this recipe. Are there any other gluten free dessert recipes you have tried and like to share? Write a comment and let us know, we'd love to hear them!
Nancy Jane

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