Friday, February 7, 2014

Framed Jewelry

I often find my jewelry box full of special necklaces given to me over the years. A very important treasure of mine is the cross I was given from my Grandma to thank me for playing the flute at my Grandfather's funeral. He passed away last fall, and was a very important figure to me. He was an incredibly savvy business man and farmer. He always gave great business advice. His work ethic was very inspiring and I hope one day to reach his level of success.  

The cross that Grandma gave to me could not be hidden away in a beautiful jewelry box, so I decided to hang it in a frame.

                             What you need to make this is:
        • A small frame. If it's too large, it overwhelms the small trinket. Also, make sure the glass can be removed. 
        • Fabric. Remnants work perfect since you are only using a small piece.
        • Ring Fasteners. Or anything you can attach jewelry with.
I found these at Hobby Lobby.

        • Hot glue gun
        • Super Glue
        • Scissors
        • Any tool that cuts metal
        • Your jewelry
        • Optional: paint
The first step (if you are opting to paint the ring fasteners) is to paint the ring fastener to your desired color. I did this because the metals did not match. I chose a nice green that blended with the floral fabric. Set that aside. I let mine dry over night.

Second step: remove glass from frame. Use this as a stencil to cut out fabric. Take a pencil and lightly stencil the shape of the glass on the back side of fabric. Cut out fabric.

Third step: Glue fabric onto the frame with a hot glue gun. If you choose to use light fabric, be careful that the glue doesn't seep through and ruin the fabric.

Fourth step: Take ring fastener, remove the attachers with a metal cutter.

Fifth Step: Attach jewelry to the ring. Supper glue ring fastener onto fabric. Here is the finished product!
I love the way it turned out. You can use this technique for any jewelry you want to show off. Mother Judith had the idea of using it to display her childhood cross collection. You can also purchase a large frame and put multiple pieces of jewelry on it.
I am planning to put my framed cross on my piano in my music room. If you have any similar ideas, please share!

Nancy Jane  

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