Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dance Around the May Day Pole

Come dance with us around the May Pole, where streams of rainbows flow.

 May Day Memories &
      Mom's Lesson of Giving

Over fifty years ago my family lived in a little neighborhood in Inglewood Calif.  Such memories of neighborhood friends, ice cream truck, a little lady named Helen who lived alone we would go visit. This little neighborhood was where mom in her kind and gentle ways taught me to be caring for people, kind to animals, (even snails) and May Day we gave secret flower gifts.

Mom saved strawberry baskets, which were cuter back then, not plastic but a thin wood.  We would weave ribbon in the little slits, and use a pipe cleaner for a handle,  scour our little yard for flowers and sometimes a cute rock to fill our craft work.

On May Day, I would go around the neighborhood (not forgetting the little lady Helen) and leave them on the doorstep, a secret gift never to be known who was the deliverer.

This was mom’s introduction to non-recognition giving. Giving to bless, not for applause.

The tradition carried on for many years with my own beloved daughters, and maybe we should revisit it now. Mom’s wisdom was not my artful flower decoration, but an introduction to give and bless others.

Thank you Mom…Happy May Day…May Day is even more beautiful in heaven

Mother Judith

~How to make May Day Poles~
Perfect gifts to add along to bouquets of flowers. I (Nancy Jane) have precious memories of creating these colorful gifts with Mother Judith and K.E.G. each year before May Day.

What you need:
  •  Bamboo Sticks
  • Three Choices of Ribbon
  • A Fake Flower
  • Hot Glue Gun
Step 1: Choose two ribbons to be wrapped around the bamboo stick. With your ribbon choices, measure the length of bamboo stick and add a few inches. Glue ribbon A and B to top of stick on opposite sides, weave ribbon tightly to bottom of stick. Wrap and glue at bottom.

Bamboo stick after being wrapped by ribbon.

Step 2: Take your three choices of ribbon, measure the length of bamboo and cut ribbon. Glue ribbon A, B, and C on top of bamboo. With your fake flower, glue to the top of the stick. Now, with the extra ribbon, make a bow out of each color and glue around the top of the stick.

Now you are finished! It's that easy!

Use them as gifts, decorations, or a fun way to teach children about May Day!


Do you have any May Day memories? Please share them with us!
Nancy Jane

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