Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spiritual Scraps

Scraps from meals belong in the compost pile, spiritual scraps should never be stretched out to your husband.
Don't give your spiritual scraps to your husband.

We wives are pulled in so many directions; children, aging parents, medical community, schools, friends, jobs, volunteering. (Gosh,  I am getting a little tense just listing them all—I can imagine how the reader's nerves are fairing.) 

This list sadly excludes our husbands. On top of that, where on the list is prayer, worship, communing with our heavenly Father?  Even sadder.

While God may be short changed in the busy life of a wife and mom; husbands also feels the lack of spiritual fruits, even if it is the culls. I can humbly admit that there have been days when he did not get the scraps of the fruit of the spirit, but a mega-portion of the flesh.

No spiritual Scraps here, only beauty.

That is when it is time to ask for forgiveness, (even more humbling). So humbling that I have learned it is easier to use my last ounce of self control being kind and gentle than apologizing for an outburst later. Then regroup my lifestyle, and remember God did not put me on the Earth to be a workhorse (an angel would work much better than me). However, we are to serve Christ. We are to live a spiritual life being blessed with a partner and nurturing our children towards Lord. That cannot be accomplished being frazzled and exhausted.

Lord, help me be your servant, and give my husband the first fruits each day—not giving him my unfulfilling scraps.
Mother Judith

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