Monday, April 7, 2014

Veggie Crunch!

Veggie Crunch Time Again
------Nutrient filled convenient food.
Some days more than others my body screams---pump up the volume for nutrients.

On those days I add more vegetable to the juicer than usual, but also make a batch of veggie-crunch—just as the name implies, tiny chopped up assorted vegetables.
A batch of veggie-crunch can be added to eggs, salad toppings, cottage cheese, topping of meat, it can even be added to a vegetable soup. KEG suggested adding to a taco or burrito----that girl is always thinking about her bean days.
If you have a food processor it is a breeze to whip up, store in refrigerator and just grab and add nutrients to various dishes.  If you don’t have one of these modern conveniences, grab your French knife and get a chopping.
 Food processors should be a must have in every kitchen.   While most of us do not have servants to tend our kitchens, modern appliances can take their place, making it easier and quicker to produce great quality health building foods for our families----no excuses, appliances are not that expensive, just cut back on dining out a couple times and you will have enough for a healthy building, convenient investment.  But save enough money to purchase good quality items, cheap brands are just annoying and don’t have a long life span, and most of the time hard to clean.
Back to veggie-crunch---spring just awakens the taste level and creativeness of the concoction.  This morning we have some extra Easter Egg radishes Nancy Jane grew, our herbs are just at the waking up from winter stage, which makes them extra flavorful.  Use whatever leftover vegetables you have.  We are also adding some peeled garlic, shredded cabbage (not used for Chinese chicken salad), cauliflower, celery a little jicama, which we have not used before----hope it does not discolor. Use any veggie that does not wilt or turn brown.  Lettuce & spinach bruise to easily, but kale and collard greens are hardy enough for this concoction.
It seems no matter how I want to slow down, spend more time homemaking…puttering in the kitchen, cleaning, sewing and of course gardening. God has other plans for me.   I cherish every minute I am able to feather my nest… but have many outside duties so this vegetable technique is so handy when I return home to grab and add to whatever meal we are eating.   Nutritionally strong meals are essential for building healthy bodies, it takes a little time and planning, but it can be done, and worth building strong families.
Mother Judith

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