Friday, August 15, 2014

I Talk to Plants

I talk to plants. Does this make me crazy? Perhaps, but here are some really good reasons why I speak to my plant children.
  1. They're good listeners. You can tell them all about your cares and woes.
  2. They don't complain about the hair cuts you give them. You accidentally slightly over cut a rose branch? That's ok, it'll grow back! Well, unless you really over cut, then we have a problem.
  3. Plants will not judge your singing, so go ahead and perform your favorite hymn for them!
  4. Oh those weeds you haven't gotten to yet? Well, your garden won't even notice. The plants are just so pleased to see you that they don't even care about the weeds. However, be sure to get to them eventually, a garden's patience only lasts for so long.
  5. The joyous reception one gets from the garden is so nice that one can't help but to be happy. Nothing better than getting a bunch of smiling flowers staring and listening to you!
The Lord gave us gardens to lift our spirits and bring happiness in our lives. Don't forget to talk to your plants, they love hearing from you!

Nancy Jane

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