Friday, May 30, 2014

A Look Only a Mother Could Love

 Gardening is such a peaceful part of life. You can talk to the Lord, or give your little plants pep talks. It's so important to give each of your little babies some encouragement and adoration!
Of course there are ones I love to grow the most, such as pumpkins. They are my absolute favorite to grow. However, all my plants are my babies and I cheer for them all!
Perhaps I did not visit these enough? Perhaps they felt abandoned? Or, this is the way the Lord made them. Despite all this, I just love the way my cactus...I mean cucumbers look!
May I also add they were just delicious! Looks aren't everything!
Nancy Jane


  1. :) Sweet! When my husband and I really got into gardening and tending our yard, we were surprised how sad we'd feel when something died, especially if it was a plant or tree we'd been babying along.

    1. It's funny how attached we can get to our plants. :-)