Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Unpretentious Flower

K.E.G's daisy.
"The rose has but a summer reign,
The daisy never dies"
- James Montgomery, The Daisy
Meet the unpretentious flower of a garden, the Daisy. When one glances at its sweet petals, one will view a bubbly, outgoing, and welcoming bloom. If you ran out of sugar and needed to use a neighbors' sugar, this is the flower you would ask.
The flower is seen as a symbol of childhood innocence, or represents friendship, simplicity, purity, and modesty in the Victorian era. The friendly plant is a favorite of K.E.G's and it thrives in Mother Judith's gardens. Before K.E.G and I were born, these were the first successful seed starts for Mother Judith ever. These plants have relocated to three different houses happily. They propagate quickly once started.
K.E.G says daisies give you exercise and bring joy. The perfect flower.


What happened here?

Nancy Jane

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