Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Endures

1 Corintihans 13:7

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things… love never fails.

God’s greatest commandment is to love, love never, ever fails-----there is no measure, gauge, or bar that allows us to discontinue love for one another.

Yet, in this society so many of the helpless are being put away and not cared for by their families due to a debilitating health issue—that leaves them helpless and alone.

As Christians, we all need to go against the societal evolution to shut people with health problems away in facilities where yes, in most places they are cleaned, fed, medicated, and somewhat cared for, but what is lacking in their lives is love, family bond, family connection---which having seen first hand is in so many cases these gifts from God react, they feel the presence of family members.

As followers of Jesus we cannot believe these people do not feel our love, compassion and care---in most cases if there is a warm hand there is a spirit that still feels our love resonate through their souls.  What are we if we cannot show complete unreserved love to those in need?

Having seen first hand evidence of this bond through our recovery journey with our daughter Katherine and recently while he did not recover, with my beloved Dad, the story of a girl we will call Rose is on my heart to share.

When Katherine was reluctantly placed in a pediatric sub-acute facility, due to a heartbreaking vehicle accident, the nearest one available was just less than 200 miles away from our home. Never-the-less, the Holy Spirit placed in our hearts that one member of the family would be with her daily.  My husband and I took turns, being there daily.  We could not in our hearts let her alone, which thankfully for an abundant reasons our presence was imperative.

One of Katherine’s roommates was Rose, a girl of 17, Katherine’s age at the time.   I have no information on what happened, that is of no importance.  But she had a pink princess television, toys, make-up and lots of material items surrounding her.  Like so many in this facility she just laid in her bed, never acknowledging anyone, her face stared straight ahead never moving just laying there alive but not showing any life.

Shockingly one morning upon entering the room, Rose was sitting up in bed with a huge smile on her face, and grunting (her special language) she had a visitor, her aunt.  Rose was like a new girl, she showed spirit, I wanted to say something to the aunt but thought it wiser to just observe.  The aunt left, Rose went stone faced again, back to just existing of having any spirit.

The second time Rose showed a little sass, my family will tell you I can bring out the sass in anyone.  Rose had a princess pink television blasting constantly in the room.  One day it was out of hand so I turned it down, my back was turned talking to Katherine and I heard a groan and the bed rails shake.  Little immovable Rose had flailed her legs and body at me.  I turned the television volume up and apologized.  But there was that spirit again.

Showing and expressing love we cannot see how it is affecting others, but they do receive and feel.  Love is such a strong force; strangers no matter how good they are at their job cannot love like family.  There is a bond God has made.  In some cases as in ours for Katherine, for a long time all we could was show her love, all we could do is love her.  We were so blessed to at least have that.

If there is a warm hand---that means life---if there is life there is hope---as Christians never give up the hope that a loved one can feel your love---it is a mighty force to be reckoned with----remember God does not set a standard when he will discontinue loving us, and God never, ever stops providing and caring for us.  Secular society will say otherwise, but we are not of the world we are of Christ.
Mother Judith

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