Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beet Notes

Beet season is upon us......what do you do with an abundance in the garden, seeing the delightful displays of freshly picked beets at the farmers market, or if your husband, as in our case, gets a hankering for beet juice brings home a huge box of beets......plenty.

Beets make great juice, but combine it with other vegetables because they are potent, and high in sugar content..if you don't eat allot of sugar.....straight beet juice will give you a sugar high you try to avoid.....but mix with carrots and is great.

Cheaters Beet Pickles
My favorite pickled beet pickle recipe is in Ball's Canning Cookbook.....since it has sugar I just don't take the time to make them any family eats plenty of sugar.  Some ladies at the Red Hat Society (we gave a for tea one year) raved about their "Cheaters Beet Pickles".
Boil or roast beets until tender...cut in pieces...(this is when you use your crinkle knife). Place in sweet pickle juice jar.......they claim they are wonderful...if you try it let me know.

Check back with us, more of our traditional beet recipes we enjoy at Gray's Farms soon to come. But for now, I need to start soaking flour in keifer to ferment overnight for delicious muffins tomorrow, morning chores and off to our mission field.......K.E.G.'s therapy......what a blessing, God has blessed us with another day to glorify Him.......Thank you Lord for another day to serve you.

Mother Judith

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